Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Crystals, crystals, crystals...

Here comes another vary interesting interview. This time we tried to sneak a bit of knowledge about crystals from Dawnstones Therapies. Enjoy!
( As for now it's in English only - still working on Polish translation )

C: Why are Crystals special?
DT: They are special but no more than and no less than any other tool that can be used for healing. The idea of vibrational healing is that whenever two things come into contact with each other they interact and affect each other. This is easy to see when two people or two animals even come into contact with each other; they interact and affect each other. This can also take place with many other phenomena.
When a healing tool, whether that be a crystal, an essence, a rune, an ogham symbol, an essential oil, a herb etc. comes into contact with us then we are affected by it. The therapist capitalises on this by choosing the crystal, herb or oil etc. that can promote health within an individual. No one really knows how this works but it is thought that all phenomena whether living things or inanimate objects are made up of vibrating particles and everything vibrates at a certain speed. People can become ill if their internal vibrations are out of synch or imbalanced in some way. By applying something else that has a vibration such as a crystal the crystals vibration interacts with the humans vibration to bring it back into balance.
This process works in a similar way when a potential therapist chooses which tools that they work with. I work with crystals because there is what is called resonance between crystals and myself. In the same way as we are drawn to some people and not by others for no apparent reason, a therapist will be drawn to some tools and be uninterested in others for no apparent reason. The theory behind this is that healing tools have a particular energy or aura if you like, so does the therapist. When the therapist aura or energy field interacts well with that of a healing tool then this thing called resonance occurs, the therapist is drawn to the tool and will be able to understand its language.
When working with crystals I feel something like a strong chi sensation coming from the crystal but also coming from myself, sometimes I feel as if I am physically vibrating. This interaction between myself and the stones leads to a partnership working that can produce very effective results if I am healing another person. Of course if the person being healed also feels this resonance with crystals then the session can be particularly powerful. do feel a connection with other healing tools, such as colour for use in colour therapy, oils for massage, the runic system and the power of sound and I will often use these in conjunction with crystal therapy producing an integrated system of healing using whatever tool is most suitable for the client at that time. Often if I am doing a reflexology session (and I adore giving a reflexology massage as much as I adore receiving one) I will also apply a crystal or a colour if it’s needed so crystals can work holistically within a number of different therapeutic situations. However, it’s with the crystals that I can feel the most powerful connection. This is entirely personal to me, some therapists will connect to colours, herbs and many other tools which are equally effective and equally special but resonate less for me.
 The theory of resonance like any other theory is all speculation, no one really knows why a therapist is attracted to one healing tool and not another or why crystals work as a therapeutic tool. Maybe it is easier to say that I work with crystals and they are special to me because I like them, it’s a matter of personal preference and other people may have the same or different preferences.
C: As for example different herbs are used for different purposes and to heal different things - is it the same with crystals? If so, can you give us some examples - maybe some of your favourite ones?
DT: It is the case that certain crystals are especially good for certain things but it’s also important to exercise some caution with being too prescriptive with how one works with crystals. For example it is the case that an amethyst crystal can be useful if you are having a therapy session with a person who has some type of addiction. There is a legend associated with the amethyst stone involving the god Bacchus the God of wine. In one version of the tale Bacchus during a particularly bad hangover made a vow that the next person who crossed his path and disturbed his recovery he would turn into stone. Clearly this was some hangover. This was unfortunate for a young woman called Amethyst who happened to pass his way and in his hangover fuelled anger he turned the innocent young woman into stone. Bacchus was later sorry for this and poured wine onto the stone making it its characteristic purple colour and thus giving the stone the ability to cure addictions. In other versions of the legend it was the Goddess Diana who turned the young women into stone to save Amethyst from Bacchus’s lions. In any case the stone amethyst is renowned for its ability to help anyone who has an addiction. However, it’s also important to remember that each individual piece of amethyst is an individual piece of amethyst and while it may carry the general principles of being good for addictions one amethyst stone will work very differently to another, particularly if it comes from a different part of the world and has grown in different conditions. If you were to look at crystals in a shamanic way then each individual piece of stone has its own spirit associated with it making each piece individual.
In shamanism there are 3 worlds in which a person can travel, the Underworld, the Middle World and the Upper World, it is in the realm of the Middle World where you can meet and talk with the spirits of the stones. If you did this with many different pieces of amethyst and asked the spirit what healings the stone could help with you would have as many different answers as there were stones as each stone works individually with its own unique properties as well as carrying the general qualities that all amethyst stones will have. This is how people work, most people have the same general principles we have two eyes, two arms etc. but no two persons will be the same. That is how it works with the healing properties of individual crystals.
(Please note if you do decide to travel to the Middle World to meet the spirits of a stone you do need to do some research on shamanism first and make sure that you have met your animal ally in the Under World prior to doing any other journeying).
It’s also the case that while you may know what a person’s illness is, an illness can be a complex thing. For example if someone is having a problem in one part of their body, such as neck pains it could be because there is an issue with the hips. So in this case you’d heal the hips not the neck and choose stones for that, but sometimes we do not know the underlying cause of an illness and to treat its root cause with crystals then we need to link with our spirit guides. What happens when I do healing is that my spirit guides talk to the client’s spirit guides and then my spirit guides tell me what to so. I choose crystals not because I know that they are good for this or that, but because I’m receiving messages from spirit guides that this stone is needed. I don’t always know why I need to use a stone but having worked this method for a number of years it’s never let me down so I trust it. Another way of choosing stones is a method I call scanning. This means that you put your hand over a number of crystals and ask your guides to take you to the right one. In a matter of seconds I can feel my hand being physically pulled towards a certain crystal and that will always be the right one. Sometimes the crystal may be a strange one, such as one time I was pulled towards using rose quartz as a stone for grounding when traditionally grounding stones are black or red, but I went with it as the pulling sensation was very clear. Some therapist don’t feel this pulling sensation when scanning, some feel a heat over the right crystal, others feel cold but I feel as if my guides are pulling me over the correct crystal.
Another way of choosing stones is my using a pendulum and dowsing for the appropriate crystal which is a method than may crystal therapist’s favour.
So choosing crystals is something that is done more on a shamanic level when I do healing as opposed to a prescriptive method of knowing what crystal is good for what condition and using those stones. I feel that my method gets to the root cause of the condition so that I’m treating the cause not the condition. This method also leads to me knowing my individual stones very well and developing a relationship with them and their spirits.
There are many good books that outline what crystals are good for which condition. “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall is one of the most well-known. I also have a fondness for “Crystal Power, Crystal healing” By Michael Gienger who looks at how different crystals have different healing properties according to their crystalline structure. Any book on crystals written by Sue and Simon Lilly will have excellent information.
I do have favourite crystals but these crystals are my favourites because I have worked with them individually. What I mean by this is that I cannot say that clear quartz is my favourite crystal but I can say that my clear quartz crystal wand is one of my favourites. I have worked with that crystal for many years and it has become my friend but I may not feel that way about another clear quartz. My particular piece of clear quartz is good at giving energy; if a person is low in energy then this crystal will give them a lift. It also helps to sort confused thoughts and bring clarity. I also have a rose quartz that is a favourite because that rose quartz has helped me through some tough times, I do not feel that way about rose quartz in general, only that piece of rose quartz, as that was the piece of rose quartz that helped me centre myself having experienced a difficult time. I have a large piece of selenite that’s a firm favourite which I have also worked with for many years and it is a friend to me. All three of these stones communicate with me, more in feeling/ emotions than thoughts but there is a clear relationship between myself and those stones.
The general properties of clear quartz is that it is an amplifier, it can make the energy of other stones used with it more powerful and it is a good crystal to use for clearing all forms of negativity. Rose quartz has the general healing properties of calming difficult emotional situations and assists with post-traumatic stress or anxiety disorders and selenite brings mental clarity and is one of the best crystals for space clearing and can clear blocked or stagnant energy.
But saying that I also have to admit that I like all labradorite crystals, but not for their healing properties…..but because they are pretty!

C: When I imagine a crystal healing session I see crystal being placed on different parts of the body. What else does the session involves?
DT: A crystal healing session usually involves placing crystals on and off the body. When placed on the body common techniques are placing the crystals on chakra points, on meridian points, or on any part of the body where the healer picks up an imbalance; for example, placing crystals along the spine to correct energy imbalances in the back. As I am also an Ayurvedic practitioner I can use crystals on Marma points in the body, Marma points are similar to the meridian points but seen in a slightly different way. Acupressure points can also be used.

When crystals are placed off the body they can be placed on what is known as the transpersonal chakras, these are chakras located off the body in ones auric field. Another method of using crystals off the body is using a pendulum to clear imbalances in the aura. This is done by placing a pendulum over parts of the aura and asking the pendulum to clear any imbalances. When the pendulum picks up an imbalance it starts to swing and stops swinging when the aura has been cleared. As the aura has 7 layers, each layer relating to a different aspect of an individual, the distance you hold the pendulum away from the person is important. The further you are away from the body the more subtle the layer of the aura. The more subtle layers are linked to issues of spirituality and the layers closest to the body are more linked to current emotional, mental and physical issues. Most therapists would work about 4-5 inches away from the person’s body to clear the emotional and mental layers of the aura first before moving onto the more subtle layers of the aura.

Using different types of pendulums with different healing stones will lend a different emphasis to the aura clearing. If for example, you wanted the person being healed to have a detox a Herkimer diamond would be used in the pendulum. For a more general clearing clear quartz pendulum can be used, or if there is a lot of negativity in an aura a stone such as black tourmaline may be used. Another way of clearing the aura is to use a crystal wand. The rounded end of the wand can be used to pull out negative energy and the pointed end to replace that negative energy with positive energy.
If you know something about reflexology a crystal wand can be used over the reflex points in the feet to energise different parts of the body.

Sue and Simon Lilly in their Book “Crystal Doorways” (and I know I quote them a lot but I do that because they excel at what they do), discusses different crystal net layouts that can be used on and off the body. This is an aspect of crystal therapy I find endlessly fascinating. It involves putting crystals – some on and off the body so that the crystals form a grid of energy around the person. The client then stays in this grid for a length of time before the stones are removed. Usually I would ask my guides or dowse to be certain of the length of time a person needs to be in the net. There are many types of crystal grids that can be used to connect to many different types of energy but the easiest of these is the Star of David layout. This involves placing 6 crystal points of the same stone, so you could use 6 clear quartz crystals, around the client points facing outwards, in a 6 pointed star configuration. I would then dowse or ask my guides for how long the person needs to be in the net. When the person has been in the net long enough I will then turn the crystals so the points are facing inwards and again dowse for the length of time. The crystals pointing outwards draws out energy imbalances and when they face in wards they bring in healing energies.
Usually this is done with 6 stones of the same type, such as 6 quartz or 6 amethysts, however, one time my guides insisted that I use 3 clear quartz and 3 rose quartz in this layout, so there are few hard and fast rules in crystal therapy, occasionally the unexpected can happen. A crystal therapist needs to be able to deal with the unexpected as a person wanting healing can range from the curious person who wants to try it out to people with very serious problems. For these reasons a therapist needs to know what they can and cannot do, where the limits of their expertise are, and what is available in their area to refer someone on to if the issues go beyond what they feel able to deal with.
Occasionally a crystal therapist may use additional techniques, such as mediation or may use a combined therapy. As I also do reiki, colour therapy, ayurveda and reflexology, there are occasions where it may be appropriate to use a number of techniques from a number of therapies to do an effective healing. This needs to be discussed with the client first as a person may not be pleased if they pay for crystal therapy and are given something else, so it is better to explain to people that you want to do a combination therapy, why you want to do it and ensure that the person is happy with this.
I always end a crystal therapy session by smoothing down a person’s aura which involves placing a crystal over a client’s head and then moving down to about 5 inches below their feet and then this is repeated several times. This ensures that the aura is sealed properly and that no holes or gaps for negativity to seep through.
Recommended reading
Gienger, Michael, (2004) “Crystal Power Crystal Healing “ - Cassell Illustrated.
Hall, Judy, (2003) “The Crystal bible” Godfield Press
Judith, Anodea (2004) “Eastern Body, Western Mind” -Celestial Arts
Lilly, Simon, (2002)” Illustrated Elements of Crystal Healing” Harper Collins
Lilly, Sue and Simon (1997), “Crystal Doorways” –Capall Bann Publishing
Raven, Hazel (2000), “Crystal Healing The Complete Practitioners Guide” –Raven & Co Publishing

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Historia pewnej jabłoni

Właściciele domu powiedzieli, że zetną jabłoń. A potem przyszedł sen, że drzewo mówi i prosi o ratunek:
Czyżby to wiatr pośród liści przyszedł z ptakami pogadać
Czy mi się jabłoni kres przyśnił i z życia mi się spowiada
Twarde wątłe ramiona ku ziemi plecy przygięte
A przecież wiosny szalone tak dobrze jeszcze pamięta
I nasze miłe rozmowy o zmroku w majowym ogrodzie
I letnie na trawie śniadania sielankę i troski na co dzień
Już jesień kochani, już jesień – zapach owoców się ściele
Czy wiosna znów jej przyniesie radość upiętą w zieleń?
Przekażmy razem jej siłę, odrzućmy myśl o jej męce
Dopóki słońce i ptaki – dopóki splecione ręce

Jesienią w ogrodzie odbyło się wielkie święto jabłka. Smakowaliśmy jabłek na wszelkie możliwe sposoby i topiliśmy się w ich nieskończonej symbolice. Wokół drzewa upletliśmy magiczny krąg ochronny, na pniu namalowaliśmy ochronne znaki.

Decyzja o ścięciu jabłoni została odwleczona – miejmy nadzieję, że dożyła wiosny.

by cwietlina 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Nowa Era na wystrzałowo

2012 trwa nam już na dobre, a zupełnie zapomnieliśmy wspomnieć, jak wystrzałowo się zaczęło. Zjechało się niemało ludu do posiadłości Marii Dziedziczki vel Kojota na zorganizowaną przez Kosmiczną Izabelle sylwestrową ceremonię w szałasie pary. Rączki chodziły, ogień się palił – wszyscy mieli swój udział w budowaniu szałasu. A potem nie zważając na mróz rozebrani do mniej lub bardziej naga wskoczyliśmy do środka. Ściśnięci jak śledzie I początkowo nieco zmarznięci czekaliśmy na obiecane poty. Uratowała nas sama Maria Kojota, która w machaniu widłami i podrzucaniu gorących kamieni nie ma sobie równych.
A potem już się potoczyło: przywoływanie przodków i przyjaciół, wspólne mantrowanie, potowy odlot w ciemnościach . Szukanie po ciemku ubrań na mrozie nie było łatwe, ale w drewnianej chatce czekała już na wszystkich gorąca imprezka. Były tańce do białego rana, oraz inne mniej lub bardziej magiczne atrakcje: zbiorowa podróż szamańska, medytacje, wróżenie z kart. Podziwialiśmy uroki Podlasia, jedliśmy przy wspólnym stole i chodziliśmy po wodę do studni ( co okazało się niebywała frajdą ). I jeszcze żeśmy kręcili: “ I w zdrowiu i w szczęściu i w błogosławieństwie na ręce Maryii “.

Fot. Alicja Bojarska

Centrum Świadomości Kosmicznej dziękuje wszystkim za przybycie i genialną atmosferę- było super. Mamy nadzieję, że 2012 upływa Wam magicznie.
Specjalne błogosławieństwa ślemy Marii Kojocie w podzięce za udzieloną nam gościnę.

by Cwietlina

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Modern New Age Travelers

Centrum Świadomości Kosmicznej lubi jeździć po świecie, by poszerzać swe horyzonty. Nieważne, gdzie się znajdziemy – łapiemy kosmiczne wibracje, pobieramy nauki i idziemy dalej do przodu ku kosmicznej świadomości. Po drodze spotykamy podobnych nam ludzi – wędrownicze plemię modern new age travelersów – ciekawych świata i odpornych na narzuconą przez system stabilizację. W samym sercu Babilonu w osadzie zwanej Skłociczką stworzyliśmy nasz ołtarz, a wraz znim poemat – hymn naszego plemienia:

Modern new age travelersi
Do podróży zawsze pierwsi
Wraz z nimi dobra nowina
Era wodnika już się zaczyna !

Jada gypsy karawany
Pociągi, busy, vany
Ciągną toboły i pakunki
Świadomość kosmiczna z najwyższej półki

Dziubanie ziarna nie jest im straszne
Szamają jaglankę na okrasę
Wegańsko zdrowo i wesoło jedzą
Robią to w obronie zwierząt

Szałwią się okadzą, obłożą kryształem
By wibracje podnieść i być zdrowym ciałem
Uzdrawiać chcą siebie i społeczeństwo
Pragną by na świecie panowało piękno

Zioła pala pija jedzą
Gdy przycupną gdzieś pod miedza
Zawsze pełno tam splendoru
Ze śmietnika dużo zbiorów

Jest jedzonko, modne ciuszki
Wprost od skipowej wróżki
psy i koty, dzieci śmieci
cały majdan z nimi leci

Przemierzają wszechświat niosąc swe idee
Czy nie zechciałbyś zostać ich przyjacielem ?

Dołącz do naszego karawanu
Razem doświadczymy oświecenia i zaznamy fanu

Sunday, 29 January 2012

PRO LOVE ACT - manifest

Intencją naszego działania jest oczyszczenie przez miłość. Grupa Romantyczne Aktywistki wyzwala falę miłości. Działamy w zgodzie z sercem i z szacunkiem dla wszystkich istot.
Nasze działania będą przybierać rożne formy.
Otwieramy serce nie bojąc się śmieszności.
Ujawniamy siebie bez maski konwenansów.
Dość mamy zakłamania, fałszu, choroby jaką jest system, który każe nam kierować się chęcią zysku materialnego.
Odczarowujemy tabu.
Zmiany zaczęłyśmy od siebie wkraczając na ścieżkę miłości.
Romantyczne Aktywistki to idea która narodziła się z potrzeby serca.
Jesteśmy gotowe na zmianę i pragniemy jej.
Chcemy działać w zgodzie ze sobą i ku rozwojowi świadomości i miłości.
Występujemy dzisiaj w maskach, gdyż nie chodzi tu o nas personalnie, ale o przekaz, który niosą Romantyczne Aktywistki.
Celem naszym jest rozwój duchowy, czyli podnoszenie wibracji własnych, a przez to podnoszenie wibracji napotkanych ludzi i otoczenia, niech ta fala płynie w świat.
Wszechświat to żywy organizm, a my jako jego fragment bierzemy za siebie odpowiedzialność i rozpoczynamy świadomy i elastyczny proces uzdrawiania.
Dość z jałowymi działaniami , które napędzają chorobę i cierpienie. Nadszedł czas wyzwolenia siebie i wszystkich istot.