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... a bit chaotic interview

“Mychael is a fully qualified, WITHF registered, Shamanic practitioner & teacher, Reiki 2nd degree & Qigong healer.” That description you can find on seeker solace website. I meet Mychael on “Shamanism for beginners” course, where I took my first steps in shamanic journeys. After few face to face sessions I decided to make the interview to learn more about shamanism in Britain. I’ve find out a few interesting and also a few funny things...

This is part 1 – part 2 is on the way:

To begin, could you explain what shamanism is to you?

What is it to me?

Yeah. How would you describe it generally?

The ability to enter other worlds or other dimensions, communicate with what we call “spirit” in shamanism, thus, bringing back guidance and healing. We also work with “psycho pomp” which is helping misplaced spirits and moving them over to where they are supposed to be.

And what do you think about westernising the whole thing. These days in the west, if you want to call yourself a “shaman” you need to have a certificate and training. Do you think it’s necessary?

I guess it is necessary, because anybody can just say... like counselling , anybody can say they are a counsellor and it’s quite dangerous, so obviously, if you’ve got two people to choose from to be your counsellor and one’s got a certificate and training and one hasn’t, you’re gonna go to the one with the certificate and training . I guess it’s the same with shamanism. Anybody can call himself a shamanic healer, but there are a lot of serious things you are dealing with and you need training, you need a teacher and if something goes wrong, which hopefully it won’t, you will need insurance , because of the society we’re living in...

Someone can take you to the court, because of spirit possession?

Yeah, exactly , they can... and some insurance won’t deal with possession work, they won’t cover you for that

Can you buy insurance for a spirit possession?

You buy it as a shamanic practitioner, I mean my insurance covers me for everything, but it won’t cover me for a possession work or for what other people might call an exorcism. I’m not insured for that


I know it’s kind of ridiculous, because even Reiki can cause really negative reactions to some people and if a Reiki practitioner isn’t trained to deal with that, then you know...for any kind of work you need to be trained properly

So what are the dangers when you practice shamanism?

For who? For me or for the client?

For both of you, but what I mean is sometimes people are scared to do that kind of stuff just because they have this idea, that this is very dangerous and actually it is taking them off from the spiritual experience. So question for you is – how dangerous is it really?

I’m not sure I like the word “dangerous”, but yeah...It can be tricky. The main problem for me is when people are coming to see me, because they want a quick fix. They wait for a magic wand to heal them and cure them and don’t realise this is a two way thing. I can give the messages, I can do energy exchanges. Take things out if they shouldn’t be there, put things in if they should be there. But they need to be prepared to incorporate that stuff and do the work where necessary and make changes within themselves. If they’re not doing that, then it’s like pouring a bucket of water through a sieve. Dangers with ...you know, unwanted spirits hanging around? Most of the time they’re not “evil”, they’re just sometimes in the wrong place or just bored and/or mischievous. They’re looking for any sort of energy to feed them, to give them power. If you’re terrified and all you’re emitting is terror, then that’s gonna come back to you, so you need to know how to deal with what’s coming back at you – and that takes us back to the training. It’s all about being positive - all the work we are doing it’s about healing with love, it’s not about dealing with evil. If you meet love with love everything’s fine. Usually if something is wrong it’s just misplaced energy. And if you give it fear and you give it terror that’s all it’s got to feed off. You should invite it in for a cup of tea and a biscuit, rather than screaming and running away. You might find then that the outcome is a bit different.

You once told me that you’re not allowed to call yourself a shaman, you’re a shamanic practitioner.

What can I say

So even to be a shamanic practitioner you need a calling?

Yeah of course.

Would you like to say something about your calling? It’s gonna make the interview cooler if you mention it happened in L.A. Downtow.

When I was a kid I always had strange things happening to me, especially when I was in bed. It was really weird, things I couldn’t deal with, I couldn’t even describe them in words and then I used to black out and.....like psychedelic , trippy things happened to me, collapsing in the street and stuff...

I once collapsed in the church.

I don’t blame you for that one.

Yeah and then few years ago I was introduced to someone else, who was a shamanic practitioner and I felt a bit averse. For me it was always weird, hippy stuff but it still interested me. And another strange thing happened to me when I was 19, it turned my life on its head and I struggled since then. Anyway to make the story shorter – I was in the States heaving a really, really tough time. I was like, homeless in Downtown L.A. With the gun fire and police sirens and helicopters around . And suddenly for some reason this person I’d met and the stuff they told me suddenly clicked and I realized that was it. I went there to be a musician, or as a musician and I came back as a shamanic practitioner. And I trained myself for the first few months.

So first you trained yourself with books?

Yeah, first I was sitting and meditating in this cupboard, thinking life is really terrible and I don’t know what to do and then this light keep appearing and giving me messages and stuff and it was the light, the little white light that told me about the shamanic journey so I ordered a CD and a book on Amazon or somewhere.

Yeah that’s the way we do it in 21-st century – ordering shamanic books online

Yes, there weren’t many shamans around to ask for the advice. Lots of Mexican gang members but not too many shaman

Now when you’re practising and healing people also with other methods like Reiki and Qi gong – does it affect you a lot – you and your private life?

It does, it makes the everyday, the mundane I call it, a lot more challenging.. Also, everybody thinks you’re a saint or something which doesn’t help. I try to heal as many people as possible from my perspective and also just to support people and guide them on their own paths. I think it’s important for them to find their own path , their own way, because everyone is individual. I think people shouldn’t give themselves titles and stick to what someone else told them. You have to find your own individual path, definitely.

Stop labelling yourself that’s what you keep sayin

Yeah... like Buddha said, I might be wrong , but I think he said : “These are my truths, what I found and it works for me “ I don’t think he ever said: “ Now everybody has to do exactly what I did”. I might be wrong, but I don’t think Buddha necessary considered himself a guru in the modern sense of the word.

What do you think and do you agree with the theory that humanity now, generally, is in a healing state? Like we as humans are trying to heal ourselves, our minds and souls.

I would say a very small proportion of humanity is trying to heal itself. Could be more... I think there’s definitely a shift happening to a lot of people and I notice that since I started sharing my practice openly , more and more people are asking questions and trying to change their perception .

The thing I’m feeling being in Britain now is, it’s that you have many opportunities to do that kind of stuff here. I thing in Poland, for example, people are still blocked by ... I would say “catholic thinking”.

Yeah I think Britain’s the best , one of the best countries to practice this kind of stuff. There might be a couple more countries , I heard Sweden is rather good . Britain is probably one of the best countries to be able to explore exactly what you’re saying because we’re not a religious country at all, not anymore . There is a place for everything and there are a lot of countries, where...like France for example, they’ve tried to abolish all the holistic and alternative therapies. They’re obviously a catholic country too. I know I’m lucky to be in Britain from that point of view. There are a lot of places in the world where you can’t do that.

I think here, you can even get quite confused with all the different things to choose from and also everything is quite expensive and for me a bit too commercial.

I totally agree with you. The thing is, through our modern history if something is popular and people like it and it’s useful then, the “money man “ comes along and tries to make money out of it, no matter what that is : sport, festivals or shamanism. Now it’s very popular and trendy , wherever you use the word “shaman” or “shamanic” you get peoples attention.

But I also get the impression, that it has to be so proper, you know. For example you ask people about drugs, psychotropics and no one wants to talk about it.

No, it’s not true. You have to use people as guides, if something they say touches you or something they suggest works for you then take it, take it lovingly and with a good attitude, if it applies to you. Go out and don’t just stick with one person and one philosophy or one method and follow it word for word and step by step. Be open and find what works for you. If there’s a book and you say I really like this author and what he says, and then you read ,oh I shouldn’t do this, so I won’t. No...the fact is if they don’t do something and it still works for you it’s your choice...oh don’t get me start on psychotropics, it could take all day ... Psychotropic are some peoples way, it’s not my way, but I don’t like it when people write in their books after taking psychotropic themselves and having been introduced to the work by it, that you don’t need psychotropics and you shouldn’t take them. It’s hypocritical and it would be better if they don’t mention it in their book in the first place rather than tell you what you should and what you shouldn’t do.

Ok, to finish, I would like you to give a kind of a message to people, who are gonna read this interview on Cosmic Consciousness Centre website . Do you think you have one?

It’s what I’ve just said....for years, man has been trying to access the divine and find the truth and there isn’t any universal truth in my opinion. There’s your own personal truth and it’s different for each one of us individually. People should explore and take in as many teachings and methods as they can to find what works for them. Don’t compare yourself with anybody else, it’s YOUR personal truth. You should be aware of the dangers, but there ARE teachers out there, so find a teacher, find what’s true for you and what works for you and then just keep moving, don’t just stay with one method, just explore and keep exploring. The more you explore and more you experience, then the closer you are to finding yourself.

by Chaos Princess ...with big help of Mychael Seeker Sol

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